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Commercial Construction Business Plan

Hard Hats Construction

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Executive Summary

Hard Hats Construction (HHC) is a medium-sized commercial construction company with offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. HHC has been fortunate to be awarded some initial sizable contracts for several projects among its four locations. Local contacts and competitive pricing have propelled rapid growth of this new company.

1.1 Mission

Hard Hats Construction aims to provide high quality craftsmanship in the commercial construction industry at a very competitive cost. It is the goal of the company to achieve a greater reputation for quality and on-time delivery than the current competitors in the Pacific Northwest region. HHC is committed to delivering on-time completion. HHC maintains high integrity on all promised timelines and quality assurances.

1.2 Keys to Success

HHC's keys to success are comprised of the following factors:

  • Many relationships among the commercial real estate community.
  • Impeccable and unique workmanship.
  • Retaining high-quality, on-site management.
  • Ensuring estimates on price and completion dates are as accurate as possible.
  • Track the progress of each construction project to insure the scope cost and schedule of each is maintained.