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Horse Reseller Business Plan

GFX: Gravestat Farm eXchange

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Market Analysis Summary

Ideally located on a state highway in central Oklahoma, GFX has access to a major market. It is our opinion that every rural household member living on five or more acres of property is a potential GFX customer.

The 1996 Census Projections reflects a total Oklahoma population of 3,358,044 persons living in 1,286,607 households. Of these, 39.8% live at a rural address making for 512,070 households with a total of 1,336,501 potential customers.

In addition however, GFX has also had positive contact from people in Texas, Missouri, Colorado, and Arkansas. That said, we believe our total available market to extend well into all of the states surrounding Oklahoma.

Of course, the Web marketing segment of GFX is virtually unrestricted by location and therefore provides access to the multi-million dollar equestrian market.

Americans have had, and continue to have a love affair with "The Horse" since the beginning of our economy. GFX will apply maximum effort and all of our cumulative skills to leverage this love affair on a local, regional, and national level.