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Irish Pub Bar Business Plan

McKnight's Pub

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Company Ownership

McKnight's Pub was established in 1902 by Walter McKnight and over the years has become a well known fixture of Portland. This includes having articles published in various travel magazines such as Oregon Magazine and US Travels and recommended by Portland Online as one of the most popular drinking establishments in the city. Two years ago, Charles McKnight, Walter's grandson, sold the pub, citing poor health and lowering profits. McKnight's Pub is now a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Ian Davis. The company is licensed in Oregon.


2.1 Company Locations and Facilities

McKnight's Pub is located at the corner of SE Salmon St and SE 19th Ave. approximately four blocks from Ladd's Circle and within walking distance of the city's business district. This is one of the most outstanding places for a pub in Portland as it is strategically located to attract the middle-class and upper middle-class working public during lunch and after quitting time.

The building itself is one of the oldest still standing in Portland and has an old world style to it. Presently the establishment can seat 96 customers. McKnight's has secured the purchase of the adjacent storefront for its expansion, and with renovation, will have room for the brewery and another 24 persons. The current facilities, including two large bars and fireplace, kitchen, and plenty of room for darts, pool, and other amusements make this an excellent attraction.