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“Simplifies the process of building supporting documentation for your marketing agenda.”

“Create an action plan for your marketing to grow your business.”
Duct Tape Marketing

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John Jantsch Grow your business with a solid marketing plan that is built for quick implementation. The new generation of Marketing Plan Pro has the action-oriented Duct Tape Marketing process developed by the small business marketing guru and author John Jantsch built in.

Define your ideal customer

Define your market's demographics, needs, trends, and growth. Knowing more about the customers you want to attract will help you know where and how to attract them.

Identify your remarkable difference

How do you compare with your competition? How are you different? Marketing Plan Pro will help you locate and leverage your advantages in the marketplace.

Develop your message

Define your brand, your slogan, and the essence of what your company is as your core marketing message.

Find and attract your future customers

Create a lead generation plan to convert your ideal customers into buyers through advertising, PR, and more.

Create magnificent marketing materials

Learn to build compelling marketing materials that will speak to the needs and concerns of your ideal customers.

Forecast sales and budget expenses

Forecast your sales and build a budget for your marketing activities to plan and manage expenses.

Schedule and track marketing activities

Create a marketing calendar, including milestones, so you can take action and track your progress.

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Recommended by the experts

Experts Marketing Plan Pro is No 1 with experts and small businesses alike.

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Focus on action, not words

Focus on actions You don’t need 100 pages of detail. Creating a marketing plan should be more like making a to-do list for timely action.

Start with a 30-minute plan!

Focus on implementation and easy wins first, then add detail as you need it.

Get built-in plan coaching

Avoid getting stuck with audio advice and example content from Duct Tape Marketing’s John Jantsch.

Present your plan with style

Generate great-looking plan documents to sell your action plan to others in your organization.

Track your progress

Watch your key numbers to track progress to goals.

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Marketing Plan Pro

Create your marketing plan in only 30 minutes with the Duct Tape Marketing® method.

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