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Specialty Baker Business Plan

Morningstar Bakery

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Morningstar Bakery provides non-gluten baked goods and pastries to diet-conscious and wheat-allergic consumers. Special considerations are made for all common food allergies such as dairy, yeast, wheat, and eggs.

Example of goods:

Spelt breads, muffins and pastries
Spelt flour is the most common wheat-alternative flour as it has the same characteristics as wheat which provides similar taste, consistency and behaviors creating goods that are just as good as any wheat baked good.

Yeast-free breads
Many people have an allergy to yeast, or have been warned by their doctors not to eat it. We provide a line of yeast-free breads.

Dairy-free muffins and pastries
Most breads do not require any dairy products, so they are not a consideration. Muffins and pastries most often require butter. To avoid this, we use a soy substitute.

Egg-free breads, muffins and pastries
Eggs are most common in muffins and pastries. Applesauce can be used as a substitute as it provides the same amount of moisture that is required.